Melburnians live, breathe and eat diversity and celebrate our city anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re north or south of the river, we know Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city.

If you follow .melbourne on social media, you have probably noticed that we’ve been using the hashtag #BestDotCity in our posts lately. This is part of a global social media campaign between cities around the world that have launched their own Top-Level Domains (TLDs), allowing locals to register geographically-targeted domain names.

These domain names are enabling their respective cities’ residents and businesses to integrate their physical address into their online address.

Melbourne has joined the cities of London, New York City, Las Vegas, Berlin, Sydney and Hamburg in telling social media followers about what makes our cities so great, with the hashtag #BestDotCity.

Got love for your city? Get involved! Tweet to us at @wwwMelb and let us know why you think Melbourne is the #BestDotCity!