Each month, more and more businesses and individuals take advantage of the benefits of local domain names by launching websites under .melbourne. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on a few of our favourites – covering everything from legal services, to graphic design, to jewellers!

1. www.larsenjewellery.melbourne


This Aussie jewellery business is located in Melbourne’s iconic GPO building and specialises in custom engagement and wedding rings. When one of your unique selling points is your customer service and personal touch, the ability to demonstrate immediately where you’re located and what market you’re serving is a big plus – making a .melbourne domain name a great value-add to a web address.


2. www.nightingale.melbourne


Nightingale Housing aims to respond to Australia’s growing population and demand for housing by creating a model for multi-residential housing that is “environmentally and financially sustainable, socially inclusive, positively impact the urban environment and promote better health and well-being outcomes.” Property is all about location, and showcasing its Melbourne-based projects on a .melbourne website is a great way to align the organisation with the city in which it operates.


3. www.legalservices.melbourne


The Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office (VGSO) is the primary source of legal services to the Victorian State Government and its statutory authorities. VGSO has cleverly registered a number of domain names including www.legalservices.melbourne and www.vgso.melbourne and linked them to its site, and it is fantastic to see such an authoritative source using .melbourne to tie in to its location and area of focus.


4. www.graphic.melbourne


A .melbourne domain name has provided the perfect home for this Melbourne-based graphic designer, who has taken advantage of the chance to register a short, memorable keyword domain to host her design portfolio and gather enquiries. A clean and colourful demonstration of her work makes this a fun site to explore!


5. www.privatetour.melbourne


Longhorn ‘Younique’ Tours is a family owned and operated tourism business offering small group guided tours of some of Victoria’s diverse sightseeing locations. Taking guests to the Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley and Phillip Island to name a few, the pair behind www.privatetour.melbourne show the benefits of localised domain names for tourism businesses that are all about location.